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Global Steel Trading
Both central purchasing and trading office, QUBICO ensures a perfect collaboration between the buyer and seller in the world. Your guarantee to a flawless transaction and effective collaboration.

QUBICO and Africa
With a thorough knowledge of the African continent, QUBICO provides additional value for the exploration of these markets and developing new markets for exporters. Today, more importers find in QUBICO a reliable and competitive partner for the purchase, delivery and tracking of orders for steel products in Africa.

QUBICO and the rest of the world
QUBICO always had professional relations with their manufacturers, shipping companies and their customers. Working closely with manufacturers from around the world, QUBICO guarantees the best price, accuracy and fast delivery time possible.

Our Story
QUBICO has been created in 2006 through a partnership and has chosen Belgium as their base country. From the beginning, QUBICO also followed the global market closely and identified where to find the products with the best quality around the world. QUBICO specializes in carbon steel, steel profiles, stainless steel and special steel products. However with time and increasing knowledge, QUBICO has offered their customers foodstuffs on request. QUBICO follows the demands of their clients personally and always tries to find the best price and quality possible to keep this exceptional service that they offer around the world.

“To be recognized as a reliable partner in the world of trading through our personalized service,
quality of products and competitive prices”

QUBICO values
Knowledge: Through our extensive experience of international markets and a strong network of partners with whom we work, we possess the crucial knowledge needed in our industry.
Personalization: Whether you are a producer, processor or stockist, we treat each request independently to better find the answer to your specific needs.
Competitiveness: From order to delivery, QUBICO works on a tight schedule. Since the beginning, flexibility and competitiveness are at the center of our values.
Relations: We treat each party with whom we work with the utmost respect and with the aim of creating long lasting relationships based on mutual trust.